Third-Party Logistics / 3PL Logistics


What is third-party logistics (3PL)?

The concept of third-party logistics, abbreviated as  3PL or TPL, refers to hiring a third party to manage parts of the logistics for one or several supply chains. Third-party logistics can be operated on many levels, such as inventory management and order management. 3PL logistics is today considered to be one of the most effective solutions for optimizing logistics tasks for example Pharma Logistics. EDS is a freight forwarder who can provide third-party logistics solutions whose goal is to counteract reduced productivity in your supply chains and ensure a safe and efficient way to transport goods.

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Effective 3-party logistics that reduce costs

3PL logistics is a cost-effective method for companies that need more time or resources to handle their logistics in-house. By transferring, for example, storage and delivery functions to EDS, you can save both time and money and instead focus on driving your company forward.

EDS provides both management and operational responsibility for all daily shipping. We operate in a worldwide network of partners and collaborate with the world’s leading players, resulting in favorable contracts and lower costs for deliveries. By choosing EDS’ 3PL logistics solution, you can thus lower your company’s logistics costs. No matter your logistics challenge, we can provide a solution that fits your company and current needs.

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Advantages of 3PL

The main advantage of choosing third-party logistics is that you only pay for what you need. In this way, it becomes a cost-effective alternative and contributes to you being able to spend more time developing your business. An additional advantage is that an experienced freight forwarder such as EDS can negotiate on your behalf and ensure good agreements with shipping companies.

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Why choose EDS as a third-party logistics company?

EDS is an innovative logistics company that challenges traditional transport companies with complete, dedicated logistics solutions. We drive development in innovation and digitization. We are available for personal support around the clock, all year round.

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Do you need a solution to your transport and logistics challenge?


Six reasons to choose EDS


We have 99.5% delivery reliability.

Fast service

We answer by phone and email within 2 minutes.

Personal support

We offer personal support 24/7, 365 days a year.



We are certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

Carbon footprints

We work with strategically selected partners to reduce our global carbon footprint.

Environment conscious

We have the opportunity to provide environmental reports on our transports.


What is the difference between 3PL and 4PL?

3PL oversees only a part of a supply chain, whereas 4PL handles the logistics for supply chain systems from start to finish. 

What services are included in 3PL?

3PL may include one or several of the following services:

  • warehousing
  • inventory management
  • shipping and receiving
  • Taylor made 3PL solutions
  • stuffing and loading of containers 


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