Air freight



Short transit times

Time efficient


The most time-efficient option

When production is at a standstill, and an essential component is missing, air freight is the optimal choice. A flight can take your goods between Europe and Asia on the same or the next day. EDS works with some of the Swedish production industry’s largest companies and assists larger transport companies. We can help you with business-critical deliveries or step in as your partner with overall responsibility for your logistics. With us, you always get personal service around the clock, all year round.

Advantages of air shipping

Air shipping makes it possible to take your goods from point A to point B in the fastest way possible and with high precision. Air freight services are the obvious choice when it comes to, for example, deliver an essential component for a broken machine, to prevent production stoppage due to material shortages, or to transport time sensitive objects such as a human heart waiting to change the life of a patient. While sea freight can take several weeks, it is possible to receive a shipment by air transport as early as the same day or within a week, depending on the urgency of the delivery. 

It is also possible for you as a customer to track the delivery by choosing flight as the mode of transport. 

Air freight with EDS

EDS is an innovative logistics company in an otherwise conservative industry. We challenge traditional transport companies with fast and flexible delivery solutions, personal support around the clock and market-rate freight via our dedicated network. With our cutting-edge expertise and our broad network of contacts, we can tailor affordable logistics solutions to fulfill your needs.

In order for you to feel safe, we are also transparent about the route, costs and other vital information regarding your air transport and logistics. 

Regardless of service, we always operate according to our core values 𑁋 Courage, collaboration and curiosity. Our mission is for all transports to proceed smoothly, quickly and safely through tailor-made solutions that suit your particular needs, irrespective of the assignment. Contact us today for your air shipping and let our expertise secure your delivery 𑁋 we always answer you within 2 minutes!


 Your consignment is sent in the fastest possible way by air via our Express Dedicated Network. It includes dedicated and precise pick-up even outside regular business hours 𑁋 all over the world.

Trackable standard freight

 Your non-urgent shipment is sent worldwide in a cost-effective manner. The shipment is fully monitored and traceable.

Air Charter

Your shipment of heavy, bulky or fragile goods can be delivered by a dedicated flight the same day or the next day 𑁋 worldwide. Dedicated air freight always begins and ends with reliable road transport.

On Board Courier, OBC

 Your valuable shipment can be sent with a trustworthy person via an immediate commercial flight departure. OBC is the most efficient and reliable mode of transport that we offer.

Six reasons to choose EDS for air freight


We have 99.5% delivery reliability

Fast service

We answer by phone and email within 2 minutes

Personal support

We offer personal support 24/7, 365 days a year


We are transparent about the route, costs and vital information relating to your train freight


We are certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001


We are IATA certified.

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What is the meaning of air freight?

Air freight is another word for air cargo, air transport or air shipping. A flight can take your goods between Europe and Asia on the same or next day and is, therefore, the by far fastest alternative for shipping goods over long distances. 

What are the types of air freight?

EDS offers four different air freight services and logistics depending on how quickly your delivery must arrive and the type of goods. We provide the following solutions: Express, Air Charter, On Board Courier and Trackable Standard Air Freight. 

What is the difference between air freight and air cargo?

The main difference is that freight defines the process of transporting goods and is typically used for goods carried by smaller vehicles, while cargo refers to goods transported by airplanes.


What are the advantages of air freight?

The main advantage of air transport is that it is fast 𑁋 air shipping is by far the most efficient choice. Air transport offers short lead times and high precision in deliveries. If you book air freight services through us, you can track the delivery as a customer.

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