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We act as a worldwide network of partners and cooperate with the world’s leading shipping companies.

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A cost-effective freight alternative

Sea freight is considered to be one of the oldest and most common modes of transport in the world. It is a cost-effective way to transport goods over long distances. EDS operates in a worldwide network of partners and collaborates with the world’s leading shipping companies 𑁋 ensuring protected transportation where goods arrive safely, smoothly and within the estimated time frame. We safeguard our independence as a freight forwarding company by offering flexible solutions at the best price. Sea freight shipping is an economical solution for intercontinental trade. 

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Sea shipping 𑁋 FCL / LCL

Sea shipping is a flexible freight alternative for companies that import or export large volumes of goods to be transported long distances and for companies that prioritize a short lead time. During sea freight shipping, the goods are transported in containers, either as Less Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL), depending on the volume of the goods. EDS provides sea freight services for both options.

Full Container Load (FCL)

When you book a Full Container Load (FCL), you book an entire container for your goods by yourself, regardless of the volume. It is an advantageous alternative if you are to transport large quantities that fill an entire container. One of the main advantages of transporting goods in a full container is that the container is closed and sealed at the supplier and is not opened until the recipient has received the delivery.

Less Container Load (LCL)

There is an option to load goods with others in cases where you do not have enough goods to fill a container on your own. This is called Less Container Load (LCL) and means that you book the number of cubic meters required for the actual weight of the bulky weight of your goods. However, an LCL solution requires a little more handling. The goods must be loaded together in a container and then unloaded when they arrive at the destination. The lead time is usually a few days longer for an LCL shipment compared to an FCL shipment. 

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Which sea freight container is the most affordable?

To find out which container is most suitable for you, we need to start with what the shipment looks like. The goods’ size determines the most profitable solution, depending on how much space the goods need in a container. EDS provides different container sizes, which makes it easier for an FCL solution to be optimal and cost-effective.

Shipping costs for sea transport are based on how the goods are shipped. It is essential to compare the total price with the cost per cubic meter (CBM) or the actual weight before choosing between Full Container Load and Less Container Load to find the most affordable option for your shipment.

Why choose EDS for sea freight services?

EDS is an innovative logistics company that challenges traditional transport companies with complete and dedicated sea freight solutions. We are available for personal support around the clock. EDS provides everything from global logistics projects to customs management. We advise you on incoterms and are with you from start to final delivery.

Hiring us for everything related to your sea transport is safe for you as a customer. We guarantee protected transport where your goods arrive safely, smoothly and as quickly as possible. We operate through a worldwide network, collaborating with world-leading companies, and always operate according to our core values 𑁋 Courage, collaboration and curiosity. 

Contact us today for flexible and cost-effective tailor-made solutions for intercontinental freight by sea. Our expertise secures your delivery, and we always answer you within 2 minutes regardless of the time of the day! 

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What is sea freight?

Sea shipping is the world’s oldest and most common mode of shipping. It is a flexible and cost-effective way to transport goods. EDS cooperates with the world’s leading shipping companies and presents flexible sea freight services at the best available price.

What is the difference between sea freight and ocean freight?

Sea freight and ocean freight are synonymous with one another and imply the transport of goods internationally by sea/ocean.

What are the advantages of sea freight?

There are several advantages of sea shipping. For example, it is one of the most economical options since you can ship significant volumes of goods in the same freight transport. It also transports goods in the safest and most efficient way for overseas shipping.


What is sea shipping?

Sea shipping is an efficient, economical and safe way to transport large quantities of goods over large distances. 

How do you ship items by sea?

You can transport large volumes of goods when shipping items by sea. The goods are packed into containers and loaded on a ship. Contact us at EDS and we can take care of everything from collecting the goods to delivering the goods to the final location.


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We act as a worldwide network of partners and cooperate with the world’s leading shipping companies.