Container Shipping

What is container shipping?

Container shipping refers to transporting goods in a container by sea, rail, or another mode of transport. Since the middle of the 20th century, the use of containers in shipping has increased significantly due to ISO standardization. The container system revolutionized freight handling through new infrastructure. This was one of the reasons why globalization took off and has only continued to grow since. Today, container shipping is one of the most commonly used shipping methods in the world, and there are large container ships that load thousands of ISO containers daily.

Advantages of container shipping

  • Facilitates unloading/loading, thus minimizing the downtime of the transport vehicles.
  • Protects the goods against weather, theft, and transport damage.
  • Available for multiple modes of transport in a logistics chain, for example, trains and ships.
  • Provides temporary storage space, for example, while waiting to be transported.
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Dimensions for container shipping

When you need to send a container abroad, there are various types and sizes of containers to choose from. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed measurements for containers that are intended to be loaded on railcars, trucks, and freight ships. Their dimensions are accepted and used by almost all countries in the world.

Container freight on oceangoing vessels in international traffic must also have a verified gross weight, VGM (Verified Gross Mass). If the shipping documents for a container do not include its verified gross weight, it may not be loaded onto the transport vehicle.

Containers are available in sizes 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 48 feet, and 53 feet, with different maximum weights depending on the size. The container shipping price varies depending on the size and type of the container. In addition to the different dimensions, there are also two options for loading the goods in the container. Depending on the goods’ volume, it can either be shipped with other goods in a shared container (LCL) or in its own container (FCL). With EDS, you can transport temperature-sensitive goods, chilled or frozen goods, and much more.

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The choice of container

To find out which container is most suitable for your goods, we need to start with what the shipment looks like. The biggest factor determining which solution will be the most cost-effective is the size of the goods – how much space they will require in a container. EDS provides different container sizes, which makes it easier to optimize your container shipping price and find the most cost-effective solution based on your needs.


FCL, Full Container Load, refers to transporting goods in its own container. All your goods are sent together without sharing the container with anyone else. FCL is recommended for any shipments over 15 cubic meters.


LCL, Less Container Load, refers to transporting goods in a container shared with other shipper’s goods. It is recommended when your shipment needs less than a full container (either 20 feet or 40 feet). You only book a portion of the container, however much is required for your goods. LCL is the most cost-effective option for smaller volumes and is recommended for shipments below 15 cubic meters. 

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Container Shipping with EDS

When you need to transport or send a container abroad, EDS can help. We provide several different modes of transport with container shipping. With EDS, you can transport all different types of goods, including dangerous goods.

Road transport

Goods are transported efficiently from one point to another using trucks. EDS’s road network, the Express Dedicated Network™, stretches across the entirety of Europe and is expanding every year. Road transport has become an increasingly attractive shipping option. The main reason is shorter lead times and cost-effective transport of cargo.

Air freight

Air freight is the optimal choice when, for example, production is at a standstill and an important component is missing and you need it fast. A flight can take your goods between Europe and Asia on the same or the next day. EDS works with some of the largest Swedish production companies and also assists larger transport companies with their national and international container shipping.

Rail freight

High departure frequency, short transit times, and multimodal compatibility make rail freight a safe and efficient way to transport goods from one continent to another. As rail freight can transport large quantities of goods and produces low carbon dioxide emissions, trains are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly container shipping alternatives.

Sea freight

At EDS, we work with a worldwide network of partners and cooperate with leading shipping companies to offer cost-effective, reliable, fast local and international container shipping by sea. We can guarantee your goods will arrive safely, smoothly, and quickly. Sea freight is the most cost-effective solution for intercontinental trade.

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How much does container shipping cost?

The container shipping rate is based on various factors and differs from each delivery depending on the type of goods, volume, and weight. Other factors that may affect the price include the oil price, exchange rate, and which mode of transport you choose and need. We at EDS can provide you with a quote for container shipping within 30 minutes.

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