For those of you who do not know what cookies are, they can be explained as small text files that are saved in your browser when you visit or our web application. There are different types of cookies and they are called everything from session cookies to pixels. When we use cookies, it is to collect data in different ways. Data is then the basis for being able to improve your experience on our website and in our app, generate visitor statistics, analyze how the website is used, enable functions for feedback and chat, build segments and target groups for marketing purposes and to be able to target advertising. The supervisory authority, the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, has summarized information about cookies which you can read here:

How does targeted advertising work?

We at EDS work actively with marketing in order to spread our brand and shipping services for you who today lack a good shipping solution. If you have ever visited our website, it is likely that you have seen ads from us on EDS afterwards. This is something that in marketing circles is called targeted advertising or “retargeting”.

What happens is that other websites and social media see if one of our cookies is stored in your browser. They can then find out that you have been on our website, probably been interested in a new shipping solution, and therefore choose to show ads from EDS. We understand that for some this feels pretty scary. That Facebook knows about which pages you have visited. However, this is for the purpose of trying to show relevant ads to people who are interested in our service.

Should you see ads from EDS without having visited our website before, this is not based on cookies but are ads that are produced in other ways.

To block and clear cookies

If you would like to clear or block cookies, this is entirely possible. Through your browser’s settings, you can both delete and block cookies from a specific website. What is important to know is that cookies we use are there to improve your experience and for us to understand our users better. So, if you choose to delete cookies, this may result in a worse experience for you and that you miss potential offers.

What cookies do we use, and why?

Below is a list of which cookies we use and why. Should you, despite the information on this page, want to know more about our cookies, you can easily contact us here in the chat or contact us.

EDS cookies

EDS uses cookies on the website to store session-bound information. This is essential from a security perspective for you to be able to use our services. For each login, a session cookie is created that keeps track of who you are and whether you have the right to use our service. Without this cookie, we do not allow you to use the system.

Double click

EDS uses DoubleClick (owned by Google) and its platform to purchase ads that appear in external online media. DoubleClick automates the ad buying process and is based on the criteria we at EDS determine. This means that we can deliver external advertising that is both personal and more relevant.

More information about Double click


We use Facebook to be able to measure, optimize and build target groups and create advertising campaigns. When you visit the website, Facebook creates a type of cookie called a pixel. The pixel allows us to create target groups for targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook. We at EDS cannot identify individuals in this data.

More information about Facebook pixels

Google ads

Cookies from Google Ads are used to enable us at EDS to improve and measure the effect of our digital marketing for Google’s search results. Today, we deliver ads on Google based on keywords we deem relevant.

For example: If you search for “Send express to Germany”, EDS can display ads on a page that gives you more information on the subject.

More information about Google Ads

Google analytics

EDS uses Google Analytics to collect information for analysis and development of our website and app, for example about the number of visitors, how many bookings are made, see how different pages perform to find pages that you as a user do not think measure up. The information through this cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information.

More information about Google Analytics

Google tag manager

Google Tag Manager is a service that helps us manage various scripts and listen to events that take place. For example, if you click the log in button.

More information about Google Tag Manager


Hotjar is a service that helps us understand user behavior on our and in our app. Through recordings, heatmaps and feedback, we can understand how our visitors use the website and the app. In this way, we can improve pages that may not measure up or do not work properly. Hojtar saves cookies and gives you a user ID so that we can, for example, know over time if it is the same user we see on the recordings.

Good to know: During recordings we do not see ev. sensitive information that users fill in input fields.

More information about Hotjar cookies


We use Instapage for our so-called SEA pages. If you click on an ad from EDS in Google’s search results, you’ll end up on such a page. These pages are A / B-tested so that we can present relevant content to you as a visitor. The cookie is used to save the page variation you have ended up on, so that you do not get different variations if you were to visit the page again.

More information about Instapage cookies


The chat function you see on our website is provided by Intercom. When you write to us, a cookie is stored where you are linked to a user ID. This way you can leave our website, come back and still see your chat history.

More information about Intercom cookies


EDS advertises on LinkedIn and in order for us to be able to build target groups, advertising campaigns and show relevant ads, a cookie is saved so that LinkedIn in turn can see that you have been on our website. This is primarily to be able to deliver targeted advertising to you.

More information about Linkedin cookies

Optin Monster

OptinMonster is a service we use to handle exit-intent popups. This means that we show a popup when you are about to leave our website. Cookies from OptinMonster save information whether you saw the popup or not and if you interacted with it. This is so that we will only show the popup at one time.

More information about OptinMonster cookies


Segments are used today to handle many different scripts in one place. When you load our website or app, it is the segment that places all these scripts. For example, we load Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and Amplitude through Segments.

Segment privacy policy