Rail Freight

High departure frequency, short transit times and multimodal compatibility make rail freight a safe and efficient way to transport goods from one continent to another.


high departure rate




short transit times


environmentally friendly






multimodal compatibility where containers can easily be lifted from train to truck

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

As rail transport can carry large quantities of goods and generates low carbon dioxide emissions, trains continue to be one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly shipping alternatives. EDS works with some of Sweden’s most prominent companies in the production industry and can help your company with business-critical deliveries or take overall responsibility for your logistics. Contact us today!

The number of rail transports has increased over the past 20 years. Today, China and the US account for half of the global number of rail transports. Minerals, coal and agricultural products are among rail transport’s most common cargo globally. 

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Advantages of rail shipping

The transit time from China to Europe is reduced by months with rail freight transport compared to sea shipping. Rail transport is also a more economical shipping option than road freight for longer distances, as a driver can move more containers with fewer stops.

The transport sector accounts for approximately 24 per cent of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the world, of which rail transport accounts for 1 per cent, making shipping by rail one of the most environmentally friendly freight options.

According to the International Energy Agency, IEA, passenger traffic and rail transport are expected to more than double by 2050 if current trends continue.

There are two options for rail transport 𑁋 Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Container Load (LCL). The transit time for FCL is often shorter than for LCL due to a more extensive process.

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Why let EDS take care of everything related to rail freight?

EDS is an innovative logistics company that challenges traditional transport companies with fast and flexible rail cargo logistics with personal support around the clock, all year round. With our cutting-edge expertise and our dedicated work, we can offer you tailor-made solutions at market prices. 

Hiring us for everything related to your rail freight transport is safe 𑁋 we only work with dedicated suppliers with standardized methods for monitoring and handling during transport. With Track and Trace, we can follow the delivery along the entire chain. If you as a customer have any questions regarding the whereabouts of your goods 𑁋 contact our operational staff, and we will update you. 

Using EDS, you always get assiged your own logistics agent so that you can recive detailed reports on the transport status continuously. Our mission is to give you competetive advantages by optimizing your supply chain. All businesses operates differently, and we always give you tailor-made solutions to suit your rail cargo logistics needs. 

If you need a solution to solve your transport and logistic challenges 𑁋 get in touch with us today. We always answer you within 2 minutes, and give your unique case a solution within 30 minutes. 

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Why choose EDS Logistics

Tailored deliveries

  • Confidence: With us by your side, your shipment is prioritized and cared for.
  • Seamless Logistics: Our team consistently strategize for your delivery need, through proactive information and responsibility.
  • Risk Mitigation: We actively work to mitigate potential risk.
  • Best Delivery Outcomes: 99.5 % delivery accuracy.

Global solutions

  • Global Network: We are a member of an Elite logistics network with reliable agents across the globe.
  • Top-tier Partnerships: Close cooperation with the world’s leading logistics service providers.
  • Expertise: Extensive know-how in specialized logistics.
  • Worldwide Solutions: We offer transportation solutions on a global scale.

On-time delivery

  • Express Deliveries: We manage timely shipments and production line in-time transports.
  • Extensive Experience: We utilize our gathered years of experience.
  • Autonomy: Empowered to identify the best routes and methods.
  • Trustworthy Solutions: Commitment to present the quickest and most reliable options.

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What is rail freight?

Rail freight is a mode of transport that goes by trains via the rail network. It is more environmentally friendly than air freight, has shorter transit times than sea shipping and is cost-effective.

What are the advantages of rail freight?

There are several advantages of rail shipping, for example, it is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, flexible and has short transit times.

What are the most common goods transported by rail?

Minerals, coal and agricultural products are among rail transport’s most common cargo globally. However, all types of goods that can be loaded either on trailers, “dry containers” or “bulk containers”, are suitable for rail shipping.