Air cargo

EDS air cargo services enable the swift and precise transfer of your goods from origin to destination.

  • Speed and Precision
  • Personal and prompt service
  • IATA/WCA certified

EDS air cargo services enable the swift and precise transfer of your goods from origin to destination.

  • Speed and Precision
  • Personal and prompt service
  • IATA/WCA certified

Air cargo logistics – time-efficient freight

Written by Mathilda

In instances where production is halted and a vital component is missing, sending cargo by air is the ideal solution to your challenges. Air cargo can be transported between Europe and Asia on the same or following day. EDS collaborates with some of the most prominent production companies in Sweden and supports larger transportation firms. We’re here to facilitate your time-sensitive deliveries or function as your all-encompassing air cargo logistics partner. With us, you’ll receive personalized service 24/7, 365 days a year.


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Benefits of air cargo shipping

Air cargo logistics allow for the speediest and most precise movement of your goods from origin to destination. Air cargo services come into play for example when there is a need to deliver an essential component for a malfunctioning machine to avert production disruption, or to transport time-bound items such as human organs that need to be delivered to a patient within a timely manner. Whereas sea freight can take several weeks, air cargo delivery can occur on the same day or within a week, contingent on the urgency of the delivery.

Customers at EDS can also easily track their air cargo delivery when they opt for air freight as their mode of transport.



Our air cargo services

EDS is a forward-thinking logistics company in a traditionally conservative industry. We pose a challenge to conventional transport firms with our speedy and adaptable delivery solutions, 24/7 personalized assistance, and competitive cargo rates through our exclusive network. Our sophisticated expertise and extensive network enable us to customize affordable air cargo logistics solutions to meet your needs.

To ensure your peace of mind, we provide full transparency about the route, costs, and other critical details related to our air cargo services.

We adhere to our fundamental principles of courage, collaboration, and curiosity in all our services. Our objective is for all transports to run smoothly, swiftly, and securely via bespoke solutions that cater to your unique needs, no matter the task. Reach out to us today for your air cargo needs and let our proficiency ensure your delivery – we promise a response within 2 minutes!



Your consignment is shipped as quickly as possible by air via our Express Dedicated Network. This includes accurate and dedicated pick-up outside regular business hours, globally.

Trackable Standard Cargo

Your non-urgent cargo is shipped globally in a cost-efficient manner. The shipment is completely trackable.

Air Charter

Your bulky, heavy, or fragile goods can be delivered by a dedicated flight the same day or the following day, globally. Dedicated air cargo always begins and ends with trustworthy road transport.

On Board Courier, OBC

Your precious cargo can be sent with a reliable person via an immediate commercial flight departure. OBC is the most efficient and reliable transport method we offer.

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What is air cargo?

Air cargo refers to the shipment of goods via an air carrier. This mode of transport is used to ship goods across countries and continents quickly and efficiently. The shipping of air cargo involves several stages including warehousing, distribution, and airport handling. It can include various types of cargo, including letters, small packages, large freight shipments, and special cargo like temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals or live animals.

What is the difference between air cargo and air freight?

Air cargo and air freight are often used interchangeably in the logistics industry. However, if a distinction is made, air freight may refer more specifically to the cargo moved by air, while air cargo can encompass the entire process involved in moving goods from the origin to the destination, including handling, warehousing, and distribution services.

What are the advantages of air cargo logistics?

Air cargo logistics offers several advantages:

  1. Speed: Air cargo is the fastest mode of transport, capable of delivering goods across long distances in a matter of hours or days.
  2. Reliability: Air carriers often operate on strict schedules, resulting in high reliability and lower risk of delays.
  3. Global Reach: Air cargo can reach remote or landlocked locations where sea, rail, or road transport might not be feasible.
  4. Security: The security measures at airports and during transit tend to be very high, reducing the risk of theft and damage.
  5. Traceability: Most air cargo services offer comprehensive tracking, allowing shippers to monitor their consignment throughout its journey.
  6. Reduced Packaging: As air transport requires less heavy packaging than sea or road freight, this can result in cost savings.
What types of cargo are transported by air?

Various types of cargo are transported by air due to its speed, reliability, and global reach. These include, but are not limited to: Perishable goods, pharmaceuticals and Healthcare products, E-commerce goods, Electronics and High-Tech equipment, Fashion and Retail Goods, Automotive parts, Dangerous goods, Mail and Documents, Live Animal, and Valuable goods.

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