FCL Shipment

What is FCL Shipment?

In sea transport, FCL shipment (Full Container Load shipment) refers to, as the name suggests, a shipment that occupies the entire container space. Although the name FCL indicates that the container must be full, this is not the case. You do not have to fill the entire container when booking FCL transport, it just means that you don’t share the container with anyone else regardless.

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How does FCL freight work?

When you book FCL freight with EDS, you book an entire container for your cargo, regardless of how much space it will occupy inside the container. Booking FCL shipment is advantageous if you are shipping large quantities that can fill an entire container. One of the main advantages of transporting goods in a full container is that the container is sealed from start to end and not opened until the consignee has received the delivery.

Things to consider when booking FCL


When booking an FCL container, do not count on filling the container 100%, a 90% fill rate is more realistic as the door opening is not as high as the ceiling. It must also be easy and quick to load and unload the goods.

  • Consider the weight. You may be able to fit all your goods in a 20ft container, but depending on the weight of the goods, it may exceed the weight limit. A 20′ container can handle a relatively heavy weight but should not exceed 24 tons (incl. the container weight) during transport. A 40′ container should not exceed 26 tons (incl. the container weight).
  • Importing from Asia means long lead times.
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Advantages of sending FCL

There are several advantages to using FCL freight rather than LCL shipping. One of these benefits is reduced risk of damage and/or loss of goods; another big advantage of FCL shipment is faster transport time. There are several reasons for this, primarily that FCL shipment does not require consolidation and deconsolidation during transport. In some circumstances, sending an FCL shipment may be the cheaper alternative, for example, if your shipment volume occupies 75% of the smallest shipping container.


  • An FCL container is often the cheapest option per cubic meter if you import from China.
  • Faster and less handling of the goods. With less handling, you avoid the risk of damage and or other unwanted events during the various transport phases.
  • An FCL shipment has lower port charges than an LCL shipment per kg. 
  • It is easier to adjust quantity and packaging for maximum utilization of the container volume and minimizing the risk of damages during transit as you have full control over the type of goods being sent.
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FCL shipping tends to be more secure as you have exclusive rights to the entire container. Booking FCL transport means that your cargo will not get in contact with other shippers’ cargo, as the case is with LCL shipping, which reduces the risk of damage or contamination from other goods. FCL shipment is usually the better option for urgent shipments or for goods that need to arrive before a set date. LCL is better suited for shipments with flexible dates.

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Book FCL freight with EDS

EDS operates in a worldwide network of partners and collaborates with the world’s leading shipping companies. We ensure that the goods are protected throughout the entire transport chain and that they arrive safely, smoothly, and within the estimated time frame. We protect our independence as a freight forwarder to offer flexible FCL solutions at the best available price. We are available for support around the clock.

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What are the benefits of shipping FCL?

  • you pay a flat rate for the container rather than paying by square footage you use
  • reduces the risk of contamination of goods as the container is not shared with others
  • reduces the risk of damages during transit as the container will be sealed from beginning to end
  • quicker transit times as the container will not have to be loaded and unloaded to make room for other shippers’ goods.


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