FTL Transport

What does FTL transport mean?

FTL, Full Truck Load, refers to booking the entire cargo capacity in a truck. FTL logistics is commonly used for larger volumes where short lead times and efficient shipping is required. The goods are directly transported from the sender to the recipient without any stops for reloading the goods. FTL transport is the most cost-effective option when a shipper has enough goods to fill a trailer.

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The difference between FTL and LTL

The opposite of FTL is LTL which stands for Less Than Truckload. LTL transport refers to sharing the cargo space of the truck, and thus also the transport costs, with other companies.

When you book LTL freight, you book a portion of the cargo space and only pay for the size and weight of your cargo.

  • Full Truck Load = Full truck
  • Less Than Truckload = Part of a truck

Even if you do not fill an entire truck, FTL logistics may be necessary, for example, when transporting dangerous goods to prevent cross-contamination or risk damaging another company’s goods.

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Benefits of FTL

The main advantage of FTL transport is that the goods never leave the cargo from the sender to the recipient which results in fewer stops during transport. This minimizes the risk of damaging the goods during tranship and reduces the risk of delays; as such the probability of on-time pickup (OTP) and on-time delivery (OTD) will increase.

A full truckload is considered a safer option compared to LTL because there are fewer contact points along the way. The risk of damaged goods is usually determined by how long a truck takes to reach its final destination. The shipment does not need to be consolidated or risk disappearing with others when  using a full truckload; namely, there is no need to move goods to unload others.

FTL is an excellent transport option for large, fragile, or dangerous goods. Since multiple high-risk loads are usually not allowed to be transported in the same truck — LTL shipping is not a feasible option.

Disadvantages of FTL

In some cases, FTL can be a more expensive option if you don’t have the opportunity to fill the entire cargo space. EDS always helps you develop a cost-effective solution based on your needs.

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Things to consider when choosing FTL transport

The choice between LTL and FTL transport can be difficult. Factors that influence the choice can be, for example, the size of the goods, budget, time, and whether the goods are dangerous or delicate.

FTL transport is a cost-effective solution for companies transporting large volumes of goods. EDS’s FTL logistics solutions ensure short transit time, minimal freight handling, and predetermined pickup and delivery times, helping you improve efficiency and reduce costs. We are with you from the start and can provide a complete solution from sender to recipient. Let EDS take care of everything related to your transport — so you can focus on what’s important.

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FTL transport with EDS

With our dedicated road transport, EDS provides various trucks of different sizes that are temperature controlled and has a high level of security. We ensure express deliveries and efficient route planning. EDS’s specialized network, the Express Dedicated Network™, stretches across the entirety of Europe and is continuously expanding. If you need help choosing a mode of transport for your company, contact EDS.

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