LTL Shipping

What is LTL shipping?

LTL, or Less-than-Truckload, means that you share the cargo space with other companies.

LTL shipping is a favorable approach for shipping smaller volumes of goods while keeping costs down. The opposite is FTL, which stands for Full-Truck-Load, and refers to having the entire cargo space to yourself. LTL transport is primarily used by small and medium-sized companies that do not require an entire shipping truck for themselves.

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Advantages of LTL transport

The main advantage of LTL transport is its cost-effectiveness for those who do not have a lot of goods to send. You only pay for the goods’ space and weight instead of paying for an entire truck that may not be filled to maximum capacity. From an environmental perspective, LTL is also a step in the right direction by coordinating deliveries and ensuring the available cargo space is fully utilized. 

  • pays only for the space the goods take up
  • lower costs
  • environmental impact.
Disadvantages of Less-than-Truckload

A disadvantage of LTL transport is that it entails more stops and transshipments, which may affect the lead time.

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LTL transport with EDS

With our dedicated road transport, we provide various types of vehicles to meet the requirements for each shipment. They have a high level of security and may be temperature controlled if the goods require it.

When you ship your goods with our carriers, you can choose whether to ship LTL or FTL, a choice that impacts both lead times and shipping costs. We ensure express deliveries and efficient route planning. EDS’s specialized network, the Express Dedicated Network™, covers across the majority of Europe and is continuously expanding. Our network consists of express hubs where we can reload your shipments with full control without affecting lead time or delivery time.

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How much does LTL shipping cost?

It is difficult to estimate an exact cost for LTL shipping, as several factors come into play and affect the price such as the weight and size of the goods, but also continuously changing shipping prices. Contact EDS to find out what your shipment will cost.

What does LTL stand for?

LTL stands for Less-than-Truckload, and refers to shipping goods in a container shared with other companies.


What is the difference between LTL and FTL shipping?


  • LTL shipping – you pay for the space your goods require in a container shared with other companies.
  • FTL shipping – you pay for an entire container.
When to use LTL?

There are multiple factors to consider if you should use LTL shipping. Generally, smaller businesses also have smaller shipments, making LTL an easy choice due to its cost-effectiveness. However, further considerations when it comes to the pricing of your shipment may complicate the reasoning if you should use LTL shipping, such as how much space the goods will require in the container, how much it weighs, its freight class, as well as pickup and delivery destinations.

The best answer to “When to use LTL?” can be simplified as follows: choose LTL when your shipment is small and won’t require a full container.


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