Fourth-Party Logistics / 4PL Logistics

What is fourth-party logistics / 4PL Logistics?

Fourth-party logistics, or 4PL logistics, is in many ways similar to third-party logistics – but there are a few key differences. The main difference between 4PL and 3PL is that a fourth-party logistics company usually works more strategically with innovative solutions through a control tower. An external company like EDS has more time, better resources, and a wider network. For that reason, EDS is your company’s most efficient, profitable, and reliable option for your logistics needs. 

We at EDS aim to help our customers achieve their organizational goals while at the same time taking responsibility for the supply chain through our solution Control Tower Complete. You hire us as a fourth party to manage your company’s logistics, allowing you to focus on what really matters and achieve your goals. We at EDS are a dedicated logistics company providing innovative logistics solutions powered by good resources and a well-established network.

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Fourth-party logistics with EDS

EDS is a good match for companies looking for 4PL logistics. We provide control towers and provide a complete solution for your company. EDS enters as a dedicated agent and takes responsibility for your entire supply chain.

One of the many advantages of our control tower is that it streamlines logistics. We aim to ensure that you maintain productivity when transporting your goods. A control tower for the supply chain ensures effective logistics processes to ship your products in the most economical, safe, efficient and timely manner, allowing you to instead focus on developing the core business.

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Control Tower Complete – Different ways 4PL can help you

When your company registers for Control Tower Complete, you get a fully integrated control tower as the link between you and all the logistics service providers we use for your transport. The control tower consists of our qualified specialists who provide ultimate strategies for your logistics, supported by our wide range of supply chain network services and one of the most responsive networks on the market (Express Dedicated Network™). The EDS control tower always has your business in focus and offers unparalleled transparency, flexibility, and agility on both a national and global scale.

Order processing

Easy to configure, flexible, secure, and reliable integration of order data – reduced costs via efficiency.

Inventory management

Improved warehouse and transport (SKU) inventory.

Freight procurement

Accurate and reliable management of invoicing, auditing, and payment activities.

Transport management

Planned and optimized shipments through streamlined communication between all parties.

Visibility and monitoring

Real-time transparency across the entire supply chain for improved service levels and traceability.

Request and deviation handling

Maximized service levels powered by on-demand tracking and incident management.

ExpressLive – The next generation of visibility

ExpressLive is a real-time shipment tracking service that provides a complete overview of your supply chain never before seen. With ExpressLive, shippers can access live data about their shipments’ GPS location, temperature, humidity, and if the shipment has been dropped, tilted, or opened.

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Six reasons to choose EDS


We have 99.5% delivery reliability.

Fast service

We answer by phone and email within 2 minutes.

Personal support

We offer personal support 24/7, 365 days a year.



We are certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

Carbon footprints

We work with strategically selected partners to reduce our global carbon footprint.

Environment conscious

We have the opportunity to provide environmental reports on our transports.


What are the advantages of fourth-party logistics?

The main advantage of 4PL is that you can focus on driving the core business forward. 4PL logistics is a cost-effective solution for your company. Through EDS, your company gets an efficient and profitable solution.

What does fourth-party logistics mean?

4PL means that an external party takes over the entire logistics chain. EDS can control the flow and anticipate deviations by managing the logistics chain and ensures that the logistics chain works from start to finish.

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