Control Tower Complete

When your company registers for Control Tower Complete you get totally integrated logistics functioning – as the link between you and all logistics service providers that we use for your transports. Our qualified specialists provide ultimate strategies for your logistics, supported by our wide range of supply chain management services and one of the most responsive networks on the market (Express Dedicated Network™). Always with your business in focus offering benefits such as unmatched transparency, flexibility and agility on a national to global scale.

  • Responsible for the operational processes and handles all day-to-day shipping
  • Includes standard, express and complex transport

“The business benefits are fantastic since Deliverly took responsibility for our entire supply chain.”

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Register for free and get exclusive access to our complete offer within logistics and supply chain – tailored to your company. Get a dedicated logistics agent that handles all your transportation needs and offers faster booking, transparent tracking and flexible invoicing.

  • Cost free
  • Overview of bookings and invoices
  • Dedicated logistics agent
  • Flexible payment options
  • Prioritised on request

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Services included
Order Fulfillment

Easy to configure, flexible, secure and reliable order data integration – reducing cost to serve.

Inventory Management

Improved warehouse and transport (sku) inventory.

Freight Settlement

Accurate and reliable management of billing, audit and payment activities.

Transport Management

Planned and optimized shipments and streamlined communication between all parties.

Visibility and Monitoring

Real-time, full supply chain transparency for improved service levels and traceability.

Request and Deviation management

Maximized service levels through request tracking and incident handling.

ExpressLive – Next Generation Visibility

ExpressLive is a real time shipment tracking service that enables complete oversight of your supply chain like never before. With ExpressLive, shippers are able to access live data on their consignments GPS location, temperature, humidity and whether the shipment has been dropped, tilted or opened.


When you need to transport a non-standard shipment of goods to a specific place at a specific time we have a special solution for you – or perhaps at a larger scale than your regular deliveries. Tell us your company’s transport and logistics challenge and we will tailor a solution for your project.

Två män jobbar med datorer |  Express Delivery


At EDS we are able to act as an extended storage capacity, helping your company streamlining your warehousing – by moving goods to transit before departure. We handle everything from reloading, storage (short-term / long-term) as well as specialist knowledge in contracting the suitable terminal for your type of goods, service needs and mode of transport.

Fraktterminal |  Express Delivery


Whatever logistics challenge your company faces, we are there for you with industry expertise in all types of logistics and transport issues. We help you manage risks and exponential deviations to avoid unnecessary cost and minimize production stoppages. In our Control Tower Complete service, we integrate with you to streamline your logistics chain through innovative solutions that increase your net profit.

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