Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery is your secure cost-effective logistics solution which allows you to safely keep your promises to your customers. Combine different modes of transport with few transshipments by road, air, rail, or sea – and have the possibility of changing delivery method and collection point after booked transport.

  • Cost efficient deliveries
  • Standardised transport

“The entire delivery went smoothly with perfect support all the way.”

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Related transport services
Dedicated Road

Dedicated Road is the alternative if you need your goods to be delivered as fast, precise and reliable as physically possible by road. We provide preferred vehicles, temperature controlled, high security – to match the shipment requirements. This service is fast, flexible and door-to-door. Pick-up is performed within 90 minutes in most of Europe.

Dedicated Air

For time-critical shipments, our Express Air service is the ideal solution. When the production line is at risk of stopping due to material shortage, or a component needed to repair a broken machine is not in stock, we are ready to deliver.

Dedicated Rail

Our partners in rail freight go mainly via the new Silk Road, which connects China with Europe and accounts for an increasing proportion of the goods that are imported and exported from and to Asia. In addition, it’s a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative than air freight.

Dedicated Sea

At EDS we operate through a worldwide network of partners and work with the world’s leading shipping companies – that guarantees protected transport where your goods arrive safely, smoothly and as quickly as possible. We safeguard our independence as a freight forwarder in order to be able to offer flexible solutions at the best available price. Sea freight is the most cost-effective solution for intercontinental trade.