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Don’t lose a minute of productivity by booking road transport through EDS. Our road freight sends the goods via the fastest possible route in our road network Express Dedicated Network. With timed collection, we deliver all types of goods worldwide – even outside normal opening hours.

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Cost- and time-effective trailer transport solutions

Road freight is a collective name for various types of motor vehicles and the most common mode of transport in Europe. Road freight transports goods efficiently from one point to another. EDS road network, Express Dedicated Network™, is continually expanding throughout Europe. The network consists of several express hubs where we have the opportunity to reload your shipments with full control without affecting lead or delivery time. Our goal is to ensure that you do not lose productivity, helping you transport your goods in a safe and efficient manner. We offer a wide range of services and have dedicated transport throughout Europe 𑁋 even outside normal working hours. EDS is always available when you need us.

Trailer transport of goods – An attractive freight alternative

Trailer transport has become an increasingly attractive freight alternative. The main reason is shorter lead times and cost-effective transport of cargo. The most common goods to transport during trailer transport are pallet goods, piece goods, bulk goods and full loads. When you transport your goods without hauliers, you get to choose whether you want to transport FTL (Full Truckload Truck) or LTL (Less Truck Load), a choice that has a major impact on both lead times and shipping costs.

If your goods are not of large enough volumes to fill the entire cargo space, LTL shipping can be a more cost-effective option where you share the cargo space with other importers. 

Lagen om inrikes vägtransport (LIV)

När det gäller inrikes vägtransport finns det en lag (LIV) som tillämpas på avtal vid godstransport på väg mellan olika orter i Sverige, om avtalet avser transport mot ersättning. Lagen om inrikes vägtransport (LIV) gäller även om transporten går via ett annat land om lastning och lossning sker i Sverige. Om fraktavtalet är enligt internationell godsbefordran på väg (CMR) gäller dock speciella fordringar. Vi på EDS hjälper er med inrikes vägtransport.


Road freight transport of dangerous goods

Regarding road freight transport of dangerous goods, there are certain laws and regulations for how it should be handled. Regulations for road freight transport of dangerous goods are included in ADR (international). EDS helps to transport all types of goods.

EDS road freight services

EDS provides several road freight services depending on what you need. We take overall responsibility for a logistics chain, from order to final delivery – and strategically optimize our continuous order process.

Our dedicated road freight is the best option if you need your goods delivered quickly. We offer freight services with different types of vehicles, temperature control and high safety, which meet your requirements for each shipment. This service is time efficient, flexible and takes your goods from point A to B – We are here for you around the clock.

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Tailored deliveries

  • Confidence: With us by your side, your shipment is prioritized and cared for.
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Global solutions

  • Global Network: We are a member of an Elite logistics network with reliable agents across the globe.
  • Top-tier Partnerships: Close cooperation with the world’s leading logistics service providers.
  • Expertise: Extensive know-how in specialized logistics.
  • Worldwide Solutions: We offer transportation solutions on a global scale.

On-time delivery

  • Express Deliveries: We manage timely shipments and production line in-time transports.
  • Extensive Experience: We utilize our gathered years of experience.
  • Autonomy: Empowered to identify the best routes and methods.
  • Trustworthy Solutions: Commitment to present the quickest and most reliable options.

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What is road freight?

Road freight is the most common mode of transport in Europe. It is an efficient shipping method with shorter lead times and cost-effective transport of goods. EDS offers a wide range of services and has dedicated transport throughout Europe – even outside regular working hours.

What is the meaning of freight services?

The definition of freight services is physically transporting commodities or cargo for companies. There are different means of transport, such as trucks, planes and boats.

What kind of goods are transported by road?

Since we at EDS provide temperature-controlled freight services, you can transport a wide range of goods, whether it is pallets, general cargo or full loads. However, food products, beverages and tobacco had the highest share in tonne-kilometers during 2019 and 2020.


What is domestic road freight?

Domestic road freight includes transport within the same nation. Laws and regulations are often different regarding domestic and international freight.

Are road freight services safe?

EDS road freight services are temperature-controlled vehicles with high safety, which meet your requirements for each shipment. We are available to you around the clock and ensure your goods arrive safely.